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Welcome – Let’s get straight to the point: John Crestani’s newest product “The Super Affiliate System”! We are all super excited to be offering such an awesome program, and hope that you too can achieve the same level of success that John has had using this exact same process. This is hands down the most comprehensive and thorough class on the market. John’s straight to the point attitude and his ability to explain the inner workings of affiliate marketing in understandable language make this program a solid addition to your affiliate resume. John has broken his knowledge down into 12 weeks with 4 core features. Let me break it down for you:

The 4 core features:

#1: Training
#2: DFY Ad Campaigns
#3: Mastermind
#4: Community

Then, based on the 4 core features he takes you week by week. Class #1 starts from the very VERY basics:

Class #1: Intro to affiliate marketing
The very basics, meant to take you from having no knowledge of affiliate marketing, to understanding the basics of running a campaign.

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Class #2: Niche selection and tracker setup
More into the technical side of things, John will tell you what skills you’re going to need to learn and how to set up click tracking software.

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Class #3: Software and Tools
Getting you set up with Voluum and other tools.

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Class #4: Development of landing pages
Landing pages: every online marketer’s secret sauce. (this is John’s specialty, PAY ATTENTION)

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Class #5: How to set up Facebook advertising
Here we go, now it starts to get into the nitty gritty; these are some of the most intense weeks of the entire class. Really in depth content and tons of information.

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Class #6: How to setup Google adwords campaign
Adwords targeting, retargeting, optimization, ad copy, and scaling are all
covered, with three separate niches being used as examples.


Class #7: Advanced Facebook training
More Facebook but this time more on techniques and tricks with a ton of live examples.

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Class #8: Dealing with setbacks
How to “fail forward,” as John puts it. He’ll give you his mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

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Class #9: The technicals on copyrighting
Advanced landing page techniques, sales page copyrighting part 1, sales page copyrighting part 2, copyrighting techniques John uses.

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Class #10: Native ad techniques
Native ad networks like Taboola, Outbrain, Contentad, on which John made almost $1M last year.

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Class #11: Team building and using available outsourcing
All about outsourcing and building a solid support team.

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Class #12: The final chapter

The light at the end of the tunnel. This week is mostly review and interviews with well known affiliate marketers.

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“So all in all, John Crestani’s “Super Affiliate System” is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing programs available today. Every single second of video is informative and eye opening, he hands you the tools and sites you need, all it takes from here is your commitment and time and you can be the next million dollar a month affiliate marketer.” – Andrew